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NEW! Replace the stock clutch bearing and sprocket with a more rugged 12mm system. 25% greater torque handling ability. Reduces clutch bearing failure common in early Currie bikes. Either send me your drive assembly for modification, or do it yourself! Call or write for details. (kit)
Currie gear housing assembly Includes housing, planetary gear, 19 tooth secondary drive sprocket, (#25 chain) roller bearing clutch. Bolts directly to motor. 4.8:1 re- duction to the 19T sprocket.  $99.00
Currie USPD spoke drive assembly. Available for 32 or 36 spoke wheels using the common cross-three pattern. Includes retaining nuts, spoke clamps, studs, CNC machined adapter, bearing, collar, 54T sprocket. Ready to install. $129.00
Individual parts are available for the Currie USPD spoke adapter. Call for prices. Call
Exact replacement spoke clamp studs for 36 and 32 spoke USPD adapters. The machine screws are stainless steel with Phillips heads. $0.40 ea.
Currie USPD rear wheel hub. 36 spoke. Threaded for sprockets/freewheel on the right and USPD adapter on the left. Nut to nut = 135mm. (spacer can be adjusted) Total axle width = 145mm. Flange center to flange center = 55mm. $39.95
(hub only)
Rear wheel skewer for USPD drive hub shown above.
(skewer only)


Threaded adapter for Currie USPD drive. This adapter threads onto the left side of a Currie bike rear wheel and eliminates the spoke inter-face. You must use a Currie threaded wheel. (available separately) $35.00
(adapter only)



Currie USPD rear wheel hub w/skewer and drive adapter. Individuals items shown above.  $79.95
USPD main drive bearing. Double sealed.
Inside diameter 2.165"
Outside diameter 2.834"
USPD bronze bushing. This bushing supports the right side of the roller bearing clutch drive shaft. Available in .500" and .472". $7.50
USPD hardened steel shaft for roller bearing clutch system. Available in .500" and .472". $9.00
USPD Nylon thrust washer. Available in .500" and .472". $2.50
USPD stainless steel thrust washer. Available in .500" and .472". $2.50
USPD steel snap ring for drive shaft for .500" shaft only. $.50
Currie USPD rear wheel. This item has the unique "left side, left hand" 1-3/8" threaded hub. Complete with 7 sprocket (13-28) freewheel, tire and tube. Alloy rim. Convert your "spoke" drive to threaded hub drive and eliminate broken spokes! Requires adapter shown above. 59.95

Temporarily out of stock

NEW! Replacement chain guide & adjuster block. This material is self lubricating, and far more durable than the stock Currie chain adjuster. Your choice of block only, block with machined channel for mounting bolt, or fully machined block. Can be used with USPD kit and all Currie scooters.         

  Block of .5"   Delrin ~1.25 x 1.5" $6

Same block as above, with 1/4" milled channel

   Completely machined block

Replacement planetary gear assembly for Currie USPD Pro-Drive system.