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eGO Test Report
(Original report July 22, 2001)
(Updated Sept 6, 2002)
(Updated May 22, 2004)
(Updated June 20, 2005)

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Dynamometer Charts:


NOTE: UPDATE 2005: Sorry you missed out on the 2004 price! As of 2005 the new
pricing is $1199 for the eGO-II and $1499 for the "loaded" LX version.

NOTE: UPDATE 2004: Another price reduction! For just $999 you can own this unbeatable combination of power, speed, and cost!

NOTE: UPDATE 2002: The new eGO-II is now available! There have been numerous improvements in both style and function making this electric vehicle (in the writers opinion) the best performance/value available. To make things even better, the new eGO-II is still priced at the 2001 level!

Among the notable improvements: Disk brakes up front; sculpted aluminum body; improved instrument and control center; improved handlebar configuration; front suspension fork for smoother ride; easy access to battery compartment; more comfortable wider deck; pre-wired external charger port; DOT approved headlight and tail light.    

Original 2001 report follows below:


Itís fair to say, "If you like your Hot Scoot, youíll love the new eGO scooter!" Itís fast, well built, and has the greatest range of any personal electric vehicle Iíve tested. In fact, it may not be fair to compare the Hot Scoot and eGO, since the former is a true electric scooter. Iím not so sure the eGO is really a scooter. Actually, itís more like an electric moped than anything else.

My demonstration unit was out of the box and off for its first ride in about 15 minutes. (thanks to the guys from eGO vehicles who were kind enough to save me the trouble!) Assembly involves a few simple steps, and can be accomplished using the tools included with the package. Also, there is an excellent instruction manual describing the assembly procedure and lots of other technical and service information as well.

Included with the paperwork is a Certificate of Origin with VIN number. Yes, if your state requires, you can legally register this scooter for operation on public roads. In Massachusetts, I believe the eGO will be categorized as a moped. Therefore, a small yearly fee and insurance rider will cover its use on public highways.

Iíve ridden this machine a number of times in recent months, (including one of the early prototypes) and have been impressed with its performance. About a month ago the folks at eGO let me test a unit over the weekend, and I was able to put on some mileage around town. Now that I have my own demo unit, though, Iíve been able to take longer and more challenging trips through the area. In addition, Iíve run the eGO on my dynamometer under exactly the same conditions as other scooters Iíve tested, and itís far and away the fastest and longest range electric Iíve driven!


The eGO scooter is powered by a 24 volt battery system located in the large "mono-frame" body. This welded aluminum body serves a dual purpose; 1) as the scooterís structural frame, and 2) as the housing for a built-in charger, 180 Amp controller, dual 34 A/hr batteries, and large 1.9 HP brush type motor.

The drive unit consists of a dual reduction gearing system using two cog type drive belts. The dual reduction is necessary to drive the large 20 inch wheel while allowing optimum RPM at the motor shaft. Primary reduction is accomplished through a 500-5-15 belt, while the final drive to the rear sprocket utilizes a large 880-8-20 belt. Tensioning adjustment is provided by a bicycle type adjuster clamp with hex head Allen screws.


There are a number of accessories available, including a trailer hitch mounted rack for transporting the eGO, baskets, and a full cover. My test unit is equipped as follows:

The control panel includes a large, high quality battery voltage meter, circular tumbler key switch (unique to each scooter), charger status LEDs, headlight toggle switch, and "Go Fast" "Go Far" switch.

A Magura throttle, dual halogen headlights, rear view mirror, front and rear side reflectors, tail light, brake light, YST headset, Maxxis 110 lb tires, front and rear V-brakes, and 48 spoke (cross-4) high strength alloy 20" BMX wheels, round out the standard accessory package. The optional shock absorbing seat post and folding rear baskets were also included with my test unit.


Next to the speed and power of this scooter, the most notable performance characteristic is the dynamic/regenerative braking! At first, I thought the braking effect was almost too strong. However, with a little more mileage under my belt, I began to realize how useful and effective this braking system actually could be. After 10 or 15 miles of riding through the back streets and hills of Plainville, I realized that manual braking was virtually unnecessary! The effectiveness of the dynamic braking can be selected by using the "Go Fast" or "Go Far" modes of operation. Braking action in the "fast" mode is quite strong, and requires some getting used to, whereas, the "far" mode yields a more moderate braking effect. The rear brake light is activated when the controller senses that the operator is slowing. This is an important feature on the eGO, since the hand brakes are seldom necessary under normal riding conditions!

Although I havenít confirmed this, the eGO people claim that the regen braking acts as an anti-lock brake on snow and ice. I assume this would also be true on wet or slippery roads. If the rear wheel slows suddenly (as in a skid, or lock-up) the regen circuit automatically reduces the braking effect. Conversely, regaining traction will increase the braking effect.

The "fast" and "far" mode produced speeds of about 16 MPH and 21 MPH respectively with a 170 lb rider on level, paved roads. Acceleration to top speed is quick and immediate. There is no sluggish ramp-up noticeable with this controller design.

On my test hill the eGO never fell below 15.8 MPH, even on the 13% portion of the grade! In fact, if you back off to a crawl, then crank the throttle, the eGO will accelerate back up to 15.8 MPH even on the 13% grade!

NOTE: A 170 lb eGO rider in San Francisco reports that the scooter climbed Russian hill from the lowest spot without a problem! Russian hill is said to have grades approaching 20% in some sections! I have not personally confirmed this report, but after riding the eGO over the toughest hills in my area, I tend to believe itís true!

Range is in the 20+ mile category even in the "Go Fast" mode. Using the "Go Far" position, the range may actually exceed 25 miles! Although I never ran the eGO to its range limits during the road tests, the dynamometer results indicate a truly long range, practical machine. (see charts below)

Dynamometer Charts:

**Note: These dynamometer tests were performed under the same conditions applied to all previous scooter tests on this Website. For details, see the "Performance Tests" section. 

Dyno-AvSpd.jpg (25586 bytes)  Dyno-Duration.jpg (25573 bytes)  Dyno-MaxSpd.jpg (22541 bytes)  Dyno-TotMiles.jpg (22823 bytes)   NO LONGER AVAILABLE BY DROP SHIP!!
Average Speed              Duration of Run              Maximum Speed                  Total Miles

NOTE: The new price for 2005 is now $1199 + $130 shipping to cont. US locations.

Conclusions: Retailing for $999(current pricing, see above) + shipping, the eGO scooter is in a class of its own. Not quite a bike, scooter, or moped, this machine combines the best qualities of all three in a fast and long range package. The unusual styling and performance of this electric scooter make it a perfect choice for the practical, as well as recreational rider. If you have a chance to ride one, by all means give it a try! The new eGO and its accessories are available through EVdeals.