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                                                 LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE!

                                               See below for a sample of what's in the John Bidwell book
                                                     Electric Scooters and Beyond
(+ shipping)

Electric scooters provide a great learning tool for understanding future vehicle technology. High school, vocational, and technical college students and teachers can use Electric Scooters and Beyond as a textbook to learn electric vehicle technology since this is the same basic technology used in all electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

Electric Scooters and Beyond will entice and educate students on these important technology fundamentals that are going main stream.

The extensive Technology chapter covers state-of-the-art motors, solid state controllers, and batteries and gives an introduction into the future of breakthrough batteries, hybrids and fuel cells. The Performance section teaches how to calculate and improve range and performance using different battery and controller configurations.

The Bonus “El Monster Builder’s Guide” chapter fully describes how to build a scalable electric scooter with three levels of performance, and how to mix and match motors, controllers, and batteries. Building El Monster is a project that can exercise the welding and fabrication skills learned in a shop class and give insights into the manufacturing and procurement processes needed for making and selling any vehicle. Fundamental electric measurement, assembly, and trouble shooting are also covered in the “El Monster builder’s Guide” chapter and the Maintenance chapter.

Who should read this book?


High school, vocational, and technical college students and teachers studying electric vehicle technology (makes a good EV 101 text)

People contemplating the designing and building of an electric scooter or motorcycle

Tekkies and hobbyist wanting to understand the technology of light electric vehicles (DC motors, solid state controllers, batteries, hybrids, fuel cells) and how this technology affects performance

Motor-heads who want to become amp-heads





                         Cover of "Electric Scooters and Beyond"


                     Sample from pages 24 and 25.





                                                  NOTE: Books and plans are not refundable items.

                                                              Plus lots more! Only $24.95 (+ shipping)

                                                     LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE!